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Welcome To The Organization For Preservation Of Natural Resources


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     The Organization for Prevention of Natural Resources (OPNR) is dedicated to educating the masses on the wasteful destruction of our Planets Natural Resources due to greed.

     For the last 50 years, children have been taught to believe this plant is going to die due to mankind destroying the atmosphere. However, we believe the planet (the earth, water and atmosphere) is in worse shape now then it was 50 years ago, predominantly because of certain "policies" promoted and carried out by greedy millionaires and politicians.


This planet was created with just the right balance of oxygen, water, sunlight, darkness, plant life, and animals to sustain life for the human body. The balance of these ingredients are much like a recipe for making all of your favorite foods.


If we end up with the wrong amount of liquids, grain, fruit, heat, cooling and spices, not only will the flavor suffer but you could even get sick from it.


Therefore, by removing the forests and fields of grain, then contaminating the ground where they once existed as well as the nearby rivers and streams, plus the air around those area's, we are upsetting the balance of nature, just as surely as we would if we removed the sun and water.


To learn the scientific and bare facts relating to all of harm being cause to this planet by fraud, corruption and greed, all in the name of "saving the planet" please bookmark this website and share it with your friends, teachers, parents and others.






Organization for Preservation of Natural Resources

P.O. Box 114

Cairo, GA 39828

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