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The desert shows us just how much variety there is in the landscape of this planet. When you look out the window of your home, not everything you see is rock, water, sand, forest, farmland or jungle. The wide combination of landscapes this planet offers is a tribute to the creation of this planet.

Besides being home to a variety of plants and animals, the Desert is also an asset to other parts of the world.

Did you know that Satellite images show an estimated 22,000 tons of phosphorous dust from the Sahara Desert reach the Amazon each year and is acting like fertilizer to plants in the Amazon rain forest?

Surges of dry air often accompany the dust in the western Atlantic Ocean,which can play a role in helping to limit the development of tropical cyclones.

This is just one more example of an entire planet working together, to keep everything in balance and thriving. BUT we need to restrict just how much damage we allow mankind to get away with each year.