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Solar Energy


We understand the need for energy that will make life easier for everyone. We also understand that certain types of energy can have unpleasant or even hazardous effects on humans and/or our planet.


As a result of confusion regarding the effects certain types of energy have on the planet and humans, we are offering news articles, scientific data and real life experiences relating to the various types of energy.


Solar Panel and Solar Farm Dangers

The following topics need to be researched prior to ANY elected official approving the development of Soar Farms in residential neighborhoods, on farmland, forests or near rivers and streams.

Batteries Are Not A Solution For Industrial Solar and Wind Energy Storage

Confidential Agreements and Why Solar Developers Have Customers Sign Them:

End of Life Disaster Waiting to Happen:

Fire Hazards of Solar Panels:

Fires Started or Involving Solar Panels that are NOT reported by Government Agencies:

Legal Issues Involving Solar Farms

Lies Told to Politicians and Residents by Solar Farm Developers:

Property Values:  The Economic Effects of Solar and Wind Projects

Green Energy Exposed

Reasons Solar Farms Should Not Be Allowed Near Residential Neighborhoods

Regulations Involving Solar Farms

Scientists and Scholars Documentation

Smoke Inhalation Hazards From Solar Panel Fires:

Solar Panel Component Failures, Recalls and Fire Hazards:

Storm Damage to Solar Panels:

Toxic Chemical Exposure as a Result of Solar Panel Frame Damage:


For additional information relating to problems and dangers involving Solar Panels and Solar Farms, please go to Stop Solar Farms or Stop Solar  and  Wind Farms