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Facts, Fiction, Theories and Remedies Relating to Global Warming.

What is the truth about "Global Warming?"

This planet has been here long before man every walked the earth, so how are we to know what the climate was like, ever since the creation of this planet?


Yes, we have the ability to look at the rings in a tree, to see how old it is and how wet or dry the seasons were. But trees can not live for millions or even thousands of years.


We can also look at other aspects of the earth, such as rocks, the ocean floor, etc. in order to learn about certain aspects and changes that took place on this planet, but how can we PROVE exactly what caused these changes.


Science is based on facts, determined by experiments and research. As such, since new research is constantly being conducted and new experiments are constantly being performed, the one fact we can be sure of is that "conclusions" will have different outcomes depending on the input that is/was used as a basis for research and experiments.

That leaves us constantly looking for a definitive answer, that will last for many ages, OR until new information becomes available that leads us to a new answer.

The inquisitive mind is always looking for “more” information and our goal here is to share as much information as we can find, in order to allow others to make their own conclusions.

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