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Organizations Fighting to Protect Our Land and Water

From the Invasion of Wind and Solar Farms

Below is a list of groups and organizations that are fighting to protect our land, water and other natural resources including the wildlife from the Invasion of Wind and Solar Farms.

We sincerely hope every Elected Official that is notified of this page, discovers just how many voters they are turning into enemies, including voters that used to donate money, space for yard signs and physical votes.

If you have an organization that you would like posted on our site, please use our contact form to send us a link, or you can post your comments on our facebook group located at

Websites of Groups and Organizations that are Fighting against Wind and Solar Farm Developments on Farmland and in Residential Neighborhoods

Alliance for Wise Energy  (A great source of information on Wind, Solar, Nuclear and Global Warming)

Citizens For Responsible Solar

European Platform Against Windfarms

Indiana Wind Watch


North American Platform Against Wind Power

Ontario Wind Resistance

Save North Livermore Valley (California) (Residents fighting against two solar farms in Alameda County)

Stop Solar Farms

Stop the Solar Farms

Stop These Things (The truth about the great wind power fraud)

Wind Concerns Ontario

Wind Watch  (The facts about wind power, wind energy and wind turbines.)


Facebook Groups Fighting Against Wind and Solar Farms

Sorted by Locations


OPNRFB  (Worldwide Organization for Preservation of Natural Resources)

Stop Solar Farms

Stop The Wind Farms


(West Dorset, England) Stop Sadborow Solar   .....Facebook group that successfully prevented a solar farm from being built in their communities.


Glassford and Avondale Parishes in Lanarkshire, Scotland) Stop Avondale Wind Turbines 


Citizens Against Wind Turbines in Lake Erie

Neighbors Against Solar Panel Farms

Stop the Solar Farms


Save North Livermore Valley (California)



Cass County IN Property Rights


Fulton County IN Property Rights


Gibson County for Property Rights


(Henry County) No Wind Farm


(Howard County) Stop Big Solar in Howard County (Kokomo)


(Jasper County) Save Jasper County


( Madison County) Solar Crisis in Madison County Indiana


Miami County IN Property Rights


(Montgomery County) No Wind Farm Montgomery County IN

Posey County Citizens for Property Rights


Pulaski County Against Solar Project


Randolph County Indiana (Coming Soon)


(Shelby County) Citizens Against Shelby County Solar Farm

(Shelby County) Stop Industrial Solar Plants in Shelby County Indiana

Spencer County Residents Against Wind and Solar Farms

North Carolina

Rowan County Citizens for Responsible Solar (North Carolina)

Stop the Solar Facility in Hurdle Mills (North Carolina)


Say No Industrial Solar- Adams County  (Pennsylvania)


Ganado Against the Solar Farms (Texas)


Citizens For Responsible Solar - Stop Cricket Solar (Culpeper County, Virginia)


Stop The Augusta County Solar Project, (Virginia)





The Onion River Project (Oosburg, Wisconsin)




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(Mt. Joy Township) Resign Now Updyke/GUS Denying Democracy In Mt Joy Twp

Aug 23, 2020 — 

Gormont, Updyke, and Susan Smith continue to abuse Township discretion, which denies democracy of its taxpayers and constituents.

Resign Now Supervisor Updyke, two solar leases dating back to 2017, while voting on township solar ordinances/4-year extension from 2016 until 2020 recusal is completely Unacceptable and Unethical...

Stop Industrial Solar on Rural/Ag Land--Preserve Historic Gettysburg/Chesapeake Watershed